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Rejuvenating Treatments

Signature Services Waiting For You

Infinity Wellness offers you a personalized experience with relaxed evening appointments. 



Let us help you fight off those unwanted brow and forehead lines. Crow’s Feet can take a hike!  Come for the Botox and let us show you what other great packages we have to offer!

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Derma-Frac Microneedling

This unique version of microneedling has vacuum assist with more shallow needling so there’s no need for numbing creams and no down-time! Plus, your skin will glow as we simultaneously infuse one of our several treatment serums. Hydrate, rejuvenate, and epidermal growth factor, just to name a few. Optimal results generally require 4 treatments 2 weeks apart. Most patient's prefer to have monthly maintenance treatments after they see the results!

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Chemical Peels

Choose from mild to more intense medical grade chemical exfoliation. Down-times vary. We will supply you with a post peel skin care kit with directions - included in the price. 

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Using a special attachment on our DermaFrac machine we provide mechanical exfoliation removing dirt, debris, oils, and layers of dead skin cells. 

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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

We understand how challenging it can be to eat healthy and lose weight.  That's why we plan to partner with other professionals in the community to provide a multifaceted treatment program.  We hope to provide group events, nutrition counseling, cooking demonstrations, and exercise opportunites.  Medication may be necessary, but we are not a pill clinic.

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Body Sculpting

BTL Vanquish ME permanent fat cell destruction uses heat and radiofrequency to permanently destroy fat cells. The result is an average of 1-4 inches, usually around 2 inches off the abdomen. Other areas can be treated like the thighs, arms, bra fat area and lower flanks on the back.

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